Double Dutch DK

A 100% Dutch produce of Texelaar sheep sustainably sourced from local farms and naturally hand-dyed in the Netherlands. We bring you a palet of vibrantly rich colours, reflecting the Dutch seascape and landscape. 

Texeler wool, dyed with Indigo gives a vibrant blue which is traditionally used to knit Dutch Guernsey’s or Gansey’s (fishermen’s jumpers). Texeler is a breed that is recognised and valued as one of the few Dutch heritage sheepbreeds.
The yarn is excellent for textural knit-and-purl patterns as well as cabling and lace and shows a clear stitch defenition. It has a lovely textural feel to work with whilst it is not itchy and free from kemp-hairs.
A characterful rustic yarn, durable and hardwearing, suitable for jumpers, cardigans outerwear and textural knits. 

Available in a fingering and a DK weight. 

400 m /100 g

200 m / 100g