VegaYa Vegan Summer Club
VegaYa Vegan Summer Club
VegaYa Vegan Summer Club
VegaYa Vegan Summer Club
VegaYa Vegan Summer Club
VegaYa Vegan Summer Club
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VegaYa Vegan Summer Club

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Planet Proof your knitting!

This summer we're excited to start Knitting Vegan, because it's about time! We've started to make choices in our diets, in our clothing, in our life, and now we want to make our crafting truly sustainable, planet proof, animal friendly and ultimately plant based!

I've sourced some gorgeous summer yarn by our trusted supplier that is full of Powerful Plant Fibers: VegaYa is her name. She contains only the best:
60% Organic Cotton
28% Linen
12% Nettle 

I will dye only sets in colourway "Lime 'n Peach to the Beach". A set contains of 5 skeins, 900 m, sportweight, 3sk. in a vibrant tonal colour and 2sk. in variegated contrast colours.

A second variant is available in a fade set of 5 sk. 

For all vegan fans who want to Glow with the Flow and Knit Pure Radiant Sunshine. A tee-shirt or sleeveless top to shine in, Powered by Plants!

This Club will not be dyed with Lac or Cocenille, as we want VegYa to be completely vegan, and they are bugs. I will definitely be using Madderroot to give it that earthy warm connection. 

Club ships out Friday 30th July.

As a natural dyer I am very excited to work with this yarn as I get to do a double mordenting process in order for the natural dyes to attach to the fiber. A lenghty process that I normally don't have to engage in since I work predominantly with wollen yarns. I am looking forward to dyeing VegaYa for you! 

With this Club you might knit: 

- Edie Tee, by Isabell Kraemer (4-5 sk.)

- Piuma shirt, by Meret Buetzberger (4-5 sk.)

- Top Toscana, Marianela Galo (4-5 sk.)

- Argil sleeveless top, Clare Lakewood (3 sk.)

All patterns are available on Ravelry


  • Yarn Length: 50 g ~ 180 m | 1.76 oz ~ 197 yds
  • Needle size: 3-4 mm | 3-6 US | 9-11 UK
  • Gauge: 28 stitches, 36 rows to 4" (10 cm)
  • Usage: Sweater in size small ~ 350g (7 hanks)
  • Yarn Weight: 50 g | 1.76 oz ~ Hank

The mixture allows the yarn to be both sturdy and soft.  The fact that it is twisted gives VegaYa a particularly beautiful and natural structure.

While the cotton for this vegan yarn comes from India, the linen and nettle come from Nepal. It is spun and dyed in Italy.

This summer yarn has excellent wearing properties: cotton makes it breathable, the linen content gives the yarn a pleasant feel and the nettle fibre ensures a nice soft feel and a delicate sheen. This makes it the perfect basis for airy tops and summery tee's.

This light yarn is easy to handle and feels very pleasant on the skin. Furthermore, the yarn is particularly durable; garments made from it tend not to stretch and do not wear out easily.

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