About the dyer

About the dyer

 End of 2018 i made a conscious career switch to become a natural dyer. Until then I had had a beautiful singing career (in Bulgarian folklore & worldmusic!) but a serious backhernia and unsustainable working conditions had me grounded. It was when lying flat on my back on the couch knitting, when i knew it was time to let go and change.

I started to think about all the other things that gave me energy and were within reach of my knowledge and experience level and rediscovered my old love for herbs and natural dying.

Besides from being a singer for all of my life, my educational background is as a graduate of herbal therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I hold a Masters degree in health science, and graduated in choirdirecting and voice coaching. When I started to dive into research about natural dyeing, I was immediately and completely hooked.

Natural dying had it all. Here was an ancient yet excitingly renewable craft that represented all things important to me: wools and yarns of regional and local source, Dutch folklore&tradition, inspiration from nature's colours, sustainability, craftsmanship, science, ethical business. As well as the connection of people from farm to fiber, from heart to heart, a limitless inspiration and creativity, the way that singing had always had been.

I established The Dutch Yarn Barn in our beautiful workshop – an old Dutch barn- here in Brummen in April 2019. I've started researching and developing my recipes with raw natural dyestuffs and have been on a roll since then. I am so extremely happy to have found this field of expertise and craftsmanship.

It is science, love & magic. Magic from nature.

Over de verfster

Natuurverfster Iris Ficker is nam afscheid van een uitvoerende carriere als Bulgaarse zangeres (o.m in het Pauni Trio) om haar oude liefde weer op te pakken. Iris is afgestudeerd als kruidengeneeskundige & acupunturist, als koordirigent & zangpedagoog én heeft een Masters degree in Health Science. Haar kennis over kruiden en natuurlijke materialen, haar creatieve scheppingsdrang en haar neus voor technisch-wetenschappelijke informatie over natuurverven komen samen in dit nieuwe en veelbelovende bedrijf.