1st Yarn & Tea Club - Dutch Delft Blue

DUTCH DELFT BLUE Yarn & Tea CLUB – limited edition

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of The Dutch Yarn Barn I will be opening my first ever Yarn Club, which will be all Dutch-themed, of course!
I got my inspiration for this club while knitting and drinking tea from my old Delft Blue cups and pondering about the magic of Indigo and how Dutch masters loved to incorporate this deep blue colour into their paintings. The old cups told me a story of deep contrasts, the blue and the white, the new and old traditions and of craftsmanship. Much care went into the painting and the cups, now chipped and heavily used, were much loved and aged with charm.

Deep blue and warm orange are also the colours of our Royal Family, our national flag is blue-white-red, so there I had it, a perfect Dutch colourscheme!

It fitted the bill so perfectly that I couldn't resist: welcome to the first DUTCH DELFT BLUE YARN & TEA CLUB!

I teamed up with young Dutch designer Debbie Wijskamp who created a design series of porcelain with true Delft blue flowers and a modern twist, created in the genuine Delft Blue Heinen factory.

According to Debbie Wijskamp there is a lot of beauty hidden in volatile things and in imperfection:

Blauw Bloesem (Blue Blossom) is inspired by century old crockery sets and excavated pottery. I think it’s beautiful when you can see that pottery has a history and that it has been used. I love the texture of pottery that has stayed underground for a long time. It is special to see what time does to an object. It is as if you are holding a rough stone in your hand, instead of a polished cup or saucer.”

Besides designing, Debbie is also a sculptor who creates temporary art with renewable recources, such as paperpulp objects and cabinets. 


As it is an anniversary CLUB i decided it should contain only the highest quality materials, local products of exeptional Dutch , and be completely certified Organinc and GOTS certified to the highest standards. The club  comes in three sizes and contains:

One skein ultrafine organic merino (highest quality GOTS certified 17,5 micron, 400m 436yds) dyed in a layered deep Delft Blue colour, the Indigo is also GOTS certified and organic!

A contrasting speckled/variegated mini in contrasting warm redorangered colours (merino)

A Delft Blue cup (150 ml) by Arnhem artist Debbie Wijskamp with a complementary Delft Blue mini-bowl for a cookie or your teabag.

Royal warranty tea from “De Pelikaan”, Zutphen (or coffee if you so prefer!).

An organic true Dutch “Stroopwafel” cookie, from renowed “koekenbakker” Dealmans.

Complimentary Delf Blue mini-bows and cups.

And, some extra special secret gifts (not yarn).

Thursday club-subscription will be opened 20.00 pm, places are limited!