KITS for Making Magazine no 10!

Here you will find 4 pre-order options for Making Magazine KITS no. 10 

  • KIT 1. “Gloed” design by Daphne Ruben, (but make it an all natural version)
  • KIT 2. “Berk” for Gloed design - the original Yarnchoice of Daphne Ruben
  • KIT 3. Late Bloomer Mitt KIT - design by Kristin Ledgett. A naturally dyed version. Comes in 6 colourways! (Note: original yarn is Lichen and Lace from Canada, this kit is naturally dyed of similar yarn weights and character)


  • These 3 kits come with the Making Magazine no. 10 full of patterns to fill your fall! Release date is 23 October. 


  • AND 4.: Pre-order "Silk Cloud Berk”, when you’ve already purchased a copy of Making via another channel. No pattern or magazine included. 


  • Bonus: MAKING magazine has many many more intricate patterns and creative projects to fill your hands and heart with joy and textures. So why not order tomorrow, and “make” to your hearts content. E.g. The Hat pattern by Emily Greene, with our sumptuous DIJK - heritage yarn? or a sweater knit with Organic Merino? In any case; many hours of fun guaranteed and with natural yarns you can make your projects last and sustainable. 


Photo’s: Making Magazine and The Dutch Yarn Barn