Project Stormvloedkering part I: DIJK Knitting KITS

Project Stormvloedkering part I: DIJK

1st lim. ed. Dutch Heritage yarn by The Dutch Yarn Barn

Patterns by Beauxknits and Amsterdaph

Aye aye knitters, new Dutch heritage yarn and Dutch design is coming aboard!

The Dutch Yarn Barn proudly presents Project STORMVLOEDKERING (Storm Surge Barrier), featuring an all-Dutch collab with an amazing crew of Amsterdam based designers who have created the two mind-relaxing project knits for the December Yarn Club.

The patterns are unisex and versatile, adaptable to all sizes and genders and would make a great gift for yourself or a relative, friend or partner.

Part I: The December knit KITS are based on the naturally robust and bouncy Dutch heritage yarn DIJK (a DK weight of 232m per 100g), Dutch knitting and sailing traditions, and on the architectural structures of dykes, waterworks and waterways the Netherlands are so wellknown for. Sweaterquantities of Dijk in light grey-blue will be made available in pre-order.

Part II: In January's yarn Club, we will follow up with kits for our second Dutch Heritage yarn DELTA, a fingering yarn of 70 % Texelaar Lambs and 30% Dutch Gotland named after the great Storm Surge Barrier of the Low Lands.


BUITENGAATS cowl - by Antoinette Andriesse (@Beauxknits)

Using only 2 skeins of DIJK- Dutch Yarn Barns’ limited edition of Dutch heritage yarn - you can fabric the cowl Buitengaats. This Dutch expression stands for sailing the high seas. A wild place where waves will surround you, visually breaking the skyline of your horizon.⁠

So do the texture and the making of Buitengaats. On TDYB’s request for a new and authentic Dutch fishermens’ knitting project, Dutch designer Beauxknits integrated two stitch patterns into a brand new one. Two various sized knitted cables continually intervene rounds of horizontal purled stripes. A bold, wavy rich texture is its result, mimicking the ropes and cabled that every sailor has to know when taking the sea.⁠

The Buitengaats Cowl is a piece of robust knitwear, featuring Dijk in all its pure and ecofriendly glory.

Is it difficult to make? On the contrary. As the purls grid the cables, the cowl is an easy count. The chart you will knit is minimal, with a multiple of 14 stitches and repeat of 16 rounds. Next to a warm garment for him and her, it promises Zen for your head and yoga for your fingers.

ZAND MITTS by Daphne Ruben (@Amster_daph)

Coming ashore after your sea trip? Longing for the sand and sea to restore balance and prepare for your next journey? The Zand Mitts are the perfect calming knitting project for you! The stitch pattern in the natural colour of the DIJK yarn reflects shifting sand ripples sculptured by sea and wind, mimicking the rhythm of the tides.

Just follow the rhythm of the sea and relax. When knitting 2x2 ribbing, you reverse the tide from time to time. Each section of ribbing consists of a multiple of six rows (6 + 12 + 24.), thus reflecting the coming and going of the water: six hours of high tide and six hours of low tide.

When TDYB was looking for a new and authentic fishermen’s knitting project, Amsterdam based designer Daphne Ruben found inspiration both on the nearby beach as in traditional Dutch fishermen’s ganseys. She abstracted the flowing lines of sand ripples into straight blocks of shifting ribbing.

The long fingerless mitts or arm warmers are comfy, stretchy and knit from hand to elbow. Knitting this pair of mitts is a relaxing one-skein project. Its reversible texture is easy to knit, comfortable to wear and visually pleasing. The pattern provides options to make the mitts shorter, longer, smaller or larger, to your liking.

Especially designed for one skein of DK yarn by The Dutch Yarn Barn: “DIJK” yarn, a new Dutch Heritage Yarn 1st limited edition (2020).


Zand and Buitengaats will be included in the kit as a hardcopy. Leave us an email in your orderfield with your Ravelry name, so that in due course you may receive the pattern in your Ravelry library as a digital file. The Sweaterkits do not include a pattern, the pictures show the heavily cabled Dione Sweater by Moonstruck knits, shown on a S size model knit with 550 gram. It is available as a separate pattern on Ravelry.



Orders will be shipping out as of 8th of December, 3 times a week before Christmas.

Pre-orders for indigodyed Seafoam colourway now available, shipping out before Christmas.⁠