Dutch Advent Calendar 2021 - STARRY NIGHT VINCENT VAN GOGH
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Dutch Advent Calendar 2021 - STARRY NIGHT VINCENT VAN GOGH

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Yes, it's here!

The very first advent calendar from the Dutch Yarn Barn. 

And of course, it coudn't be without looking at a true Dutch Master. This very first club will be a stunner, deeply inspired by Vincent van Gogh's beautiful yet moody palette in "STARRY NIGHT". A fantastic source of (colour)inspiration by a true Master. I am looking forward to visiting the Van Gogh collections in The Netherlands to do some preliminary colourstudy on original van Gogh paintings themselves. 


Bio Organic Certified Fine Merino (21 micron) in 20 g. skeins fingering weight 80m each

24 Naturally Dyed, semisolids, solids, variegated, multicoloured in all the deep, moody, velvety and complementing bright tones.


Of course, as you know me by now, the Calendar would not be complete without a generous set of true Dutch and internationally famous set of sweet little gifts that come with the yarnclub. But this time around i will not reveal what they are! After all it's so much more fun to find something that you didn't expect, isn't it? I can just tell you that you won't be disapointed... 



The painting is a night scene with yellow stars over a small town with hills. It is a view from an imaginary point over a village with a church tower and a flaming cypress on the left and olive trees on the right against the hills. For the use of complementary colours, Van Gogh went back to Delacroix.

The painting is often associated with the words of Vincent van Gogh: "Why, I wonder, wouldn't the bright dots in the sky be as easy to reach as the black dots on the map of France? to Tarascon or Rouen, we use death to travel to the stars." He wrote this in a letter to his brother Theo which he sent from Arles on 9 or 10 July 1888.
Van Gogh painted the piece at a time when he felt a strong urge for religion.


Delivery will be mid-November, i will start dyeing in August, so get your orders in quickly, before all spots are taken! 

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